Where to Find Gluten-free Ingredients and Superfoods
















Here’s where to find gluten-free ingredients and superfoods:

Vitacost is a great online website that sells numerous vitamins, nut butters, chocolates, teas, spices, oils, and vinegars, etc. All their items are discounted and extra sales come up very often (almost every week).


Nuts.com offers good-quality nuts, dried fruit and superfoods such as sprouted almonds, matcha green tea, cacao paste, cacao nibs, etc.


Navitas Naturals also sells many unique superfoods.



Almond Flour:

Almond flour is high in protein and filled with heart-healthy unsaturated fats. It is also low on the glycemic index.

  • Honeyville blanched almond flour

This flour is finer than most almond flours. It reminds me of wheat flour in texture, but smells like marzipan. I t is easy to use and used in the majority of my recipes that require almond flour.

  • Bob Red’s Mill almond flour and almond meal
  • Nuts.com almond flour and meal

I also use these flours, but less often. They are more coarsely ground and don’t work in all my recipes. I note which flour to use in the individual recipes.