About Us

Welcome to Hale and Kale!

I’m Caroline — a student, tennis player, and passionate cook and baker. As a child, I had battled food intolerance and, as a result, my sister Audrey and I delved into researching allergy-free cooking and alternative foods. Since then, we have been creating tasty and easy-to-make healthy dishes. Besides cooking, I enjoy embellishing the appearance of our dishes so that they not only taste great, but look appealing too.

I’m Audrey — also a student, tennis player, and self-taught gourmet cook. I have always loved cooking, but after being diagnosed with celiac disease (I can’t eat gluten), I delved deeper into my passion for cooking. I embraced this challenge, along with my sister, and aside from tennis and school work, we spend countless hours in the kitchen trying to concoct flavorful and healthy meals.

A little more about us and our recipes…

Our recipes are flourless and paleo-inspired; they are grain-, gluten-, and legume-free, and limit dairy. At the same time, our recipes are innovative and global. In addition, we do a lot of research on nutrition and autoimmune diseases (asthma, diabetes 1, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.) and are glad to tell you that our recipes are ideal for anyone with an autoimmune disease. They are also ideal for anyone who wants to eat healthy or simply lose weight.

We relish the outdoors and traveling. Besides tennis, we enjoy hiking, mountain biking, rock scrambling, kayaking, and swimming laps. We also like yoga, cross-country and downhill skiing.

We can’t wait until you try some of our recipes and would welcome your feedback! We can also answer any questions (ingredients, lifestyle, travel, hikes)!  We hope you realize, like we did, that a real-food diet is not only good for your body, but can taste great too!

So, it’s time to get excited about eating healthy! Bon Appetit!

All the best!

Caroline and Audrey